Elements that you should consider for your end of the year party

It is becoming more and more common for companies, regardless of whether they are small, medium or large, to hold events to say goodbye to the year.

What are the latest trends?

The experiential as a highlight of the event There will be a greater demand for events that seek the experiential. This is driven both by the growing number of millennials entering the workforce and by the distinctly human desire for meaningful experiences that leave their mark. This will allow for a deeper understanding of the messages and a more meaningful connection to the brand. The content as the protagonist Conferences or presentations must alternate with periods that seek the involvement and discovery of the public. During the rest periods, wellness activities such as guided meditation or a small yoga session can be proposed. Technology will continue to evolve and offer many possibilities to surprise. For example, virtual borders can be created that generate alerts on attendees’ mobile phones if they leave the meeting space or to guide them to the space where they should go for the next presentation or activity. General Operation Protocol A Protocol must be in place to prevent COVID-19 infections and minimize risks to the maximum in this contingency period. Innovative events, incorporating technology and entertainment, are increasingly in demand. The important thing about organization and investment is to bring the work team together in a social, relaxed and fun space, recognizing their performance and dedication in the company with a meeting that encourages coexistence. These events may be performed in person or can also be carried out virtually achieving a surprise or other participants.

It is important to consider …

There are several points when planning, some of them are: Food: the catering or banquet must be of a high level with dishes characteristic of the season. Drinks: whether they are alcoholic drinks or not, so as not to go out of the budget, why not think about seasonal drinks such as a rich punch, or special cocktails. Music: music can not be absent, you must hire a DJ who is in charge of maintaining a good atmosphere. Decoration: regardless of the size of the party, it should always be a place with a striking setting that goes according to the identity of the company. Desserts: to receive 2021 you cannot miss desserts. You can opt for a table of sweets and snacks (with the appropriate protocols) instead of resorting to cakes, but this decision will depend on the taste and concept of the event. However, in addition to the points mentioned above, we consider that it is important to delve into the subject of experiences and content, which is the basis for being able to really connect with the audience.

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