8 ideas to organize unforgettable events

Nowadays, to create a memorable event for your work team, it is important to be creative and innovative.

You know that you can count on Groups2Go to create emotions, generate something different depending on the business or profile of your company to impact the day of your event.

We bring you 8 ideas that you can put into practice:

1.- Shocking entrance

The saying “first impression does matter” should be considered in an event and more for the triumphal entry. The moment the guests arrive they can form their first impression and that is key since they will be predisposed to enjoy the event and speak well of it. It can be played with textures, lights and colors.


Combining colored lights, giant 3D logos, vinyl figures on the floor and many other ideas that create an exotic, different and unique atmosphere.

2.- Experiences

If you get your assistants involved, you can use technology to your advantage.

They can be thematic experiences that go with the company’s profile, generating sensory spaces can be key: for example, that attendees interact with materials or processes of the company, go through sectors with particular aromas of the brand’s products or play with objects giants, can be some ideas to inspire you and develop the sensory experience that best suits the company.

Why not also interactions with augmented or virtual reality. Do not limit yourself and let your imagination fly.

3.- Feel comfortable

The traditional order of the banquet does not have to be always the same, you can vary with a different arrangement in a 360º stage with movement. In the same room you can divide spaces with lounge-type rooms, some common chairs and even puffs for the more relaxed.

4.- Videogames on screens

To take a break in the event in addition to socializing, you can invite the attendees to participate in a video game, it is simple and effective, with few resources it can be a moment of relaxation and entertainment.

5.- Laughter therapy

There is nothing better than being able to get laughter from your assistants. Adapt a stand up with local jokes from your company or industry, you can think of some dynamic that involves the guests and they are the ones who tell funny experiences that have happened to them.

6. Artists present

One option may be to incorporate a story related to the brand into the show to make a personalized show. Juggling with led lights that generate the brand’s logo in motion, a show with the artists circulating among the people among other ideas that are out of the ordinary. We can help you find artists with these tools and wanting to try new things on stage.

7. Giant art

Everyone appreciates the artistic and a person painting live in the middle of a business event space will surely draw attention.

The canvas can be a wall, the floor or the ceiling, that the size is gigantic, that the paintings shine with ultraviolet light, that the painting once finished is related to the company or service and you already have another element that the guests will surely remember .

8. Interactive voting

If there are conferences or presentations in your event, the public can actively participate in them. Gamify lectures including live interactive voting is a great idea.


With these tips you can take your event to another level, create something different and be original. At Groups2Go we help you create emotions and experiences according to your company’s line of business.

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