10 advantages of incentive trips

Traveling is in the interest of the vast majority of people, for each one it has a different meaning, each trip has the value of being a unique experience; Getting out of your routine in time and space gives you possibilities to meet new cultures, people, flavors, smells, colors. Every corner of the world has a specific atmosphere capable of enriching you cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Can you imagine that the above is part of an acknowledgment for your personal performance within an organization? The experience is even more shocking, an excellent detail from the company that gives you this award that will definitely be sealed in your memories forever!

In recent years, incentive trips have evolved a lot, becoming much more complete, involving more factors and areas. In addition to encouraging employees, it is also about motivating suppliers and partners, getting more customers and loyalty, and even improving the image of the company in society in general.

On the other hand, these are usually restricted to certain beneficiaries that the company decides. Originality is always sought when selecting the destination, fostering camaraderie with team building activities and, incidentally, discovering new places. Our incentive trips have no bordersu2026 We have unique experiences, from taking a walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge to looking at the northern lights in an igloo in Finland.

The main advantages that companies hope to achieve with incentive trips are the following:

1. Motivation of workers

When employees know that the reward for their work can be an incentive trip, they are motivated and work much more in the development of their tasks to achieve the desired reward. This award can help raise employee morale and regain confidence in the company.

2. A better relationship between colleagues

There are times when the company gives this type of incentive to several employees in a group way to encourage teamwork. The organization of trips favors the creation of a more positive and cordial atmosphere. There is nothing better than a group trip to reinforce the camaraderie. In this way, in addition to increasing productivity and teamwork, the relationship between colleagues will also be substantially improved.

3. Enhance the feeling of belonging to a group

Very related to the previous point. Thanks to this type of non-financial rewards for teamwork, the employees' own feeling of belonging to a group is enhanced, improving the relationship between colleagues and the environment in the workplace.

4. Boost business productivity

Incentive trips are no exception to increase profitability. When employees know that their work can be rewarded by an incentive trip, or a customer as a gift, they will increase their efforts and, therefore, the productivity and profitability of the company.

This is one of the biggest advantages you will get as a company when organizing an incentive trip!

5. Recognition of the work done

One of the best sensations that an employee can experience in his job is to feel the recognition from his superiors. Letting a worker know that he is performing his functions well is a way to increase his self-esteem, and therefore, to make him happy in his job and to allow him to continue with his effort.

6. Reduction of stress in the workplace

The stress levels currently experienced by most of the economically active population are on the rise. Thanks to incentive trips, workers will have the opportunity to enjoy a few days off and disconnect from work, thus reducing work stress.

7. Equal opportunities

The rewards of this type that are offered to the workers after the good performance of their duties make there a greater equality of opportunities within the company, since this type of prizes will be awarded by the company itself to the workers who commitment, effort and result has contributed in a certain period of time.

8. Improve labor relations

They will improve relations between employees by having contact and carrying out activations outside the professional field. A company or company that is able to retain its team and customers by earning their loyalty and trust has a lot to do to achieve success. As with seminars and conferences, incentive trips are an ideal setting for networking.

9. They work as advertising

When people find out that a company rewards its collaborators with a trip for their good performance, automatically the image is positively reinforced. Awarding awards is worthy of committed, responsible institutions, concerned about the people who work in it and all this boosts the prestige of the brand internally and externally.

10. Take care of the rest and happiness of employees

When a company offers incentive trips to its employees, it provides them with greater happiness, motivating them to work towards their goals.

After mentioning some of the advantages you will have, integrating the objectives of the incentive trips with a communication strategy that involves the different departments of the company (marketing, human resources, management, etc.) into one will help you convert the incentive trip into a powerful internal and external marketing tool that serves to motivate the entire value chain of the company (employees, suppliers, partners and customers) and project an excellent corporate image.

One of the current trends is the contracting of trips within the national territory due to their proximity and that have an average duration of 3 or 4 days: shorter and closer trips. We invite you to follow our social networks, where we share information, tips and interesting facts about some of the most surprising national and international destinations.

Now you know the importance of adding these actions that motivate your company to go further. Our friendly and professional staff is always in constant training, paying all their attention to every detail, contact us so that we can achieve the best trip for your company together.

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