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We potentiate the impact of your brand,
transforming your communication into incredible events.


Unforgettable Experiences

We design sustainable possibilities for companies that seek to generate emotions with unforgettable experiences. We place the curious at the center of innovation and euphoria, no matter how we start the event, but the mark we leave thanks to it.


Mexicans passionate about creativity, our talent is due to the contribution and essence that we seek to reflect through our work. As good countrymen, we give everything for everything seeking to generate a smile for your guests through those moments that will remain engraved in their memory.


We challenge the status because we can shape and prepare your collaborators to overcome the adversities of the future. It is our role to help you cultivate the professional and personal development of your people through experience.
Genuine at all times
We obtain different results by doing things differently, as thinkers we are tasked with creating an atmosphere that encourages the professional and personal development of your people.
nothing comes out the first time
The way we got to this moment was like any other story, we lived every moment with successes and learnings that gave us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves.
Beyond the present
We reinforce the presence of your brand through the details, each aspect goes a step beyond what you expect. We strive to do better, we don’t like “it’s okay”, we want “it’s amazing”.


Success belongs to curious people, who are not afraid to try and take risks. We question, we explore, we conquer.

we don't stop

We are a cultural, artistic and technological movement through the creation of unique moments in all our events.

we like challenges

We push the limits of creativity as well as expanding the flow of face-to-face and virtual communication.


in extraordinary


Take your event to
the next level

A dive to
our talent

  1. "It's all about the emotions"

    At groups2go we have been generating emotions for clients for 20 years. We are a solid and dynamic Mexican company, based on a development training we can achieve any type of event at a national or international level.

  2. "Passion never fails"

    We strengthen business relationships with clients who still count on our services to date.

  3. "Around the world"

    We arrived at our first World Cup where we ended up fascinated when we realized that we not only generate emotions in Mexico, but the world.

  4. "Building an exciting future"

    We moved to our current offices, a new space with one goal, to continue growing.

  5. "A new service"

    After the lack of service in the way of transport in the world of events, Movil2Go was born, breaking with the conventional concepts of how we should move in a boring way.

  6. "Dream about ego"

    The change has given results, being recognized in the Top 10 Meeting Planners Mexico, we did not do it because of what people say, but because of the vocation to create new ways to generate incredible emotions.

  7. "Passion that drives"

    Our growth was not limited to CDMX, we opened offices in Guadalajara connecting with innovative companies and incredible people in the second largest city in Mexico.

  8. "Growth never happens alone"

    We face a reality that stopped the world.
    However, the innate talent of the team was responsible for us not being lost. More than 150 events, both face-to-face and virtual, taking care of the presence of brands as well as their people through hygiene and safety protocols.


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